The Firm

An Exclusive Focus on Appellate Litigation and Trial Support

At the Law Offices of Rocco J. Carbone, III, PLLC we exclusively focus on appellate litigation and trial support. Our firm is focused on representing individuals appealing adverse decisions by lower courts, and by assisting trial counsel to identify appealable issues before trial courts. The firm’s focus is on briefing and arguing direct appeals, post-conviction motions and appeals, and extraordinary writs.
We are unique in that Rocco J. Carbone, III is actively licensed to practice law in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, as well as several federal courts, allowing us to step in without the need to seek local counsel.
We offer competitive fee agreements to assist individuals and businesses in need of appellate assistance as well as trial counsel who are need of additional support.


Direct Appeals

Identifying the issues that can reverse an adverse pretrial ruling, conviction,  or sentence.

Post-Conviction Relief

Once a defendant’s direct criminal appeal is concluded, there is still an opportunity to investigate a collateral attack of the conviction or sentence. This collateral attack can focus on whether the judgment or sentence was entered in violation of the the state or United States Constitution. Such an attack can include the issue of whether the defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights where violated because of  ineffective assistance of counsel.

Extraordinary Writs

Generally, extraordinary writs fall outside the normal appeal process and are allowed only for certain pre-judgment court orders. These writs request an appellate court to decide whether the trial court erred in a pre-judgment order that could critically decide the judgment, discovery matters related to privilege, a sentence, or the release of an individual detained illegally.